A horror comedy love letter to the classic horror movies we know and love.

Best known for his role in the classic 1980s horror movie franchise Furballs, Zach wants to leave a more upmarket artistic legacy than that of the has-been B-movie "star". He has been on the lookout for the perfect next acting job for a long time.


Too long, according to his manager.


When the opportunity to work with the great director Francis Romanelli - a lifelong hero of Zach's - it seems too good to be true.


But things don't work out quite the way Zach hoped as the lack of a script, having to deal with egotistical alcoholic co-stars, and a missing producer turn out to be the least of his worries.


Someone seems to have a grudge against Zach.


As rehearsals progress, Zach and his colleagues find themselves being stalked by a ruthless killer intent on bringing this production - and their lives - to an end.



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